You are YOU!

There is no one else in this world as same as you!

You are so unique and that’s why he (or she) fell in love with you. So, this is all about you and no one else and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to show up in a dress made for someone else!

You have, obviously, got the partner you want. Now you are taking the next big step. Whist everything else on your most memorable day is extremely important, nothing is more prominent than your bridal dress. That is why it must be done especially for you considering no one but yourself.

What does this mean? A lot more things for you to do? Not at all!

We have exceptionally talented and experience designers and a production team that will do all the hard work and take care of the entire process for you. You only have to do the fun part. That is imagining the way you want to look and answer some basic questions about how you want to look such as choosing the materials from our wide-ranging collections, colours, style options, providing measurements etc.. This may involve a couple of discussions, and in most cases, that is done remotely. Mind you, you don’t need any knowledge about designing and production. All you have to do is give us an idea about your dream dress and we will take it forward professionally.

Does this mean a lot of money? No!

Surprisingly, we will still do it within the same price range as the ready-made bridal sellers do. Only difference is that we treat you as an individual so we work on your bridal after getting to ‘YOU’!

So, what is our process? Please read ‘About us’ for more...